Welcome to Affordable Pool and Spa

With over 19 years experience, we are a family owned pool and spa company you can trust. We have competitive prices and offer many different pool and spa services for our customers. We service many makes and models of spas and pool equipment.

Take the guess work out of balancing your chemicals!

Let Affordable Pool and Spa install the lastest technology on your pool. With our Hayward automated control system and chlorine generator you can spend more time enjoying your pool. This will save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your pool.

Here is a list of benefits.
  • We can monitor your pool for any problems and notify you. (requires a small monthly fee)
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals used in your pool.
  • Never have a green pool again.
  • No need for costly weekly maintanence anymore on your pool.
  • Spend your valuable time enjoying your pool instead balancing chemcials.
  • Going away on vacation no problem. This system will keep your chemicals balanced so you come home to a pool ready to swim in.
  • Save on costly repair bills due to equipment failures related to improper water chemistry.